Nymbus quant Canadian fixed income fund celebrates its 3 years

Nymbus began managing the quant Canadian fixed income fund in January 2019 for the institutions behind the Quebec Emerging Managers Program (“QEMP”). The fund just celebrated its 3rd anniversary and we’re taking the opportunity to provide an update today.


  • Top percentile returns across Canadian bond managers every year since 2019.
  • Outperformance of +2.16% per year on average versus FTSE Universe Canada Bond.
  • Ability to adjust during periods of rising and falling rates, widening and narrowing credit spreads, a pandemic, and even the worst bond quarter in 40 years. The fund is already outperforming the index by more than 1.46% in 2022.

Our approach is based on data-driven and scientific research, but it’s not foolproof. We simply use vast amounts of data to take advantage of opportunities that arise. Over time, these opportunities add up and generate results for the fund.




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