Nymbus gets involved with Dans la rue

Did you know that 20% of those experiencing homelessness in Canada are between the ages of 13 and 24? And that 40% of homeless youth experienced their first episode of homelessness before the age of 16?

At Nymbus, we’re particularly sensitive to causes that help young people on their way to a brighter future. For 35 years, Dans la rue has been pursuing an essential mission for society: helping homeless youth by preventing youth homelessness.

Our CEO Marc Rivet is personally committed to this cause, and all the members of our team are proud to support him and provide financial backing on behalf of Nymbus.

We invite our community to “see further and give hope” to young people on the street by participating in the organization’s 35th anniversary fundraising campaign. Together, we can change the lives of those who have their whole lives ahead of them.

Make a donation here: https://danslarue.org/en/donate-to-change/



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