Nymbus among Quebec’s next generation of asset managers

Launched in 2013 by Marc Rivet, co-CEO and CCO, and Gabriel Cefaloni, co-CEO and CIO, Nymbus Capital (Nymbus) has been providing customized multi-asset solutions leveraging a broad range of asset classes to institutional investors, financial intermediaries and private wealth clients primarily based in North America and Europe.

As an emerging portfolio manager, the firm has a particularly innovative vision. “Smaller portfolio managers are nimbler, so they can adapt to ever-changing markets and integrate technological developments into their investment process more quickly,” points out Mr. Cefaloni. In fact, this vision has guided the evolution of the firm, which advocates investment innovation combining technology, data and finance. “Nymbus brings together a team of experts who believe that the scientific method is the best way to tackle investing, backing up their ideas with information and optimizing them through iteration.”

In a world where modern technologies enable new players to transform various industries led by more established companies, emerging firms with advanced technological expertise can compete and even outperform larger competitors with bigger teams, among other things. In 2019 and 2020, Nymbus’ strong performance in traditional and alternative fixed income strategies earned it a spot among the fastest-growing managers in Canada.

It was with this momentum that, late last year, the firm completed the strategic acquisition of Landry Portfolio Management (Landry), in addition to acquiring the assets and integrating the Perseus Capital team with that of Nymbus.

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