An excellent 2002 for Nymbus strategies

We are very proud to report that three Nymbus strategies stood out over the past year, despite a particularly difficult market environment.

Global Minimum Volatility

Used in several situations as an overlay (“portable alpha”) for various clients did very well in 2022, this strategy is one of the least volatile and most decorrelated in our suite of investment solutions. In an environment where 8 of the 10 sub-asset classes in which it invests generated a negative return, the strategy managed to hold its own and produce a return of +9%. Global Minimum Volatility is one of our solutions with the longest track record of returns and continues to demonstrate stability across multiple market types.

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Quantitative fixed income

Since its launch in January 2019, this has ranked in the top performance percentiles relative to core bond managers in Canada every year. 2022 has continued this trend. We are particularly pleased with the strategy’s performance despite the excessively different and challenging market environments over the past four years.

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Designed for institutional and UHNW investors, this strategy ended the difficult year 2022 with an exceptional return of 40.9%.

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