Nymbus Capital is an investment management company specialized in fixed income and alternative investments using computer modeling to build portfolios. We apply the scientific method to investment management. We follow principles of technology and innovation with equal regard to principles of investment management. Since 2013, we have searched for ways that these kinds of technologies can make us better at what we do. We are putting together a world-class research and development team to build the next generation portfolio management firm.

As a Software Engineer at Nymbus, you will be working hand in hand with people who have a real use for your tools. Forget “take the data and run”: we design through collaboration to make sure that what you develop has real impact. In this role, you will face diversified challenges while focusing on working on time-series, database management and control problems. You will also enjoy a unique opportunity to use your creativity both to understand the latest fundamental research and to modify, extend and adapt it for real-world projects.

You want to join us because you are passionate about:
  • Applied research and applications of machine learning;
  • Performing the data audit and data quality control, and explaining it to partners and clients;
  • Exploring the wide variety of contexts and situations in which ML can be applied;
  • Tackling some of the biggest issues in the world and making an impact
  • Joining a fast paced and collaborative start up environment
  • Working with huge datasets and finding unexpected signal in them;
  • Using and discovering the best tools to build working prototypes of AI services;
  • Building strong collaborative relationship with scientists, software developers, and partners;
  • Staying up-to-date on the scientific literature in your field, and even contributing to it by publishing in famous research journals and conferences.
We want you to join us because you have:
  • A getting-things-done mindset with a desire not only to push the boundary of fundamental knowledge, but to turn it into products people love;
  • A Ph.D, M.Sc. or B.Sc. in machine learning or a quantitative field and at least 1 year of industrial R&D experience;
  • Experience and mastery of scientific programming and libraries relevant to your field, for example: PyTorch, TensorFlow , NumPy, Pandas, R, etc.;
  • Experience with at least one of the following programming languages, preferably for the development of production code: Python, C++, Scala, Go, C#, F# , JavaScript, Java, etc.;
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