What we Do.

At the nexus of finance, data and technology, Nymbus’ evolution has been a continuous exploration of what drives markets and how it can be applied to client portfolios. Our culture of intellectual curiosity compels us to challenge the status quo, disrupt long-held beliefs and uncover new insights. Specialized in fixed income and alternative investments, the firm leverages its deep quantitative and financial markets expertise to offer next generation investment solutions using computer models, with a singular focus on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our Mission.

Our ultimate objective is to advance technology and discover value in the world of finance's data in order to help our clients reach their long-term goals. It is our job to safeguard and grow the assets our investors' entrust us with.

Why choose Us.

Our quantitative perspective on investing allows us to build strategies that do not rely on subjective forecasts regarding volatility, interest rates, default rates or other variables that drive return. Persistence of excess return is achieved by staying true to the following core themes: Manage risk. Be data-driven. Small opportunities add up. Measure to improve. Diversify and maintain liquidity. Drive results through execution.

Our People

Gabriel Cefaloni

Managing PartnerChief Investment OfficerPortfolio Manager

Marc Rivet

Managing PartnerChief Compliance OfficerChief Risk Officer

François-Olivier Laplante

PartnerPortfolio ManagerREITs, Absolute Return

Rodolphe Beaulieu

PartnerPortfolio ManagerFixed Income, Credit

Yvon Gaudreau

Managing DirectorPortfolio ManagerFixed Income, Credit

Natalie Smith

Operations Manager

Board of Directors

Jean Turmel

Board of Directors Member

Investment Principles

  • Risk analysis centric: Nymbus believes that all investments need to start with risk analysis, not the traditionally taught benchmark comparisons. In our view it is not how investments compare to benchmarks, but how their risks relate to each other across a portfolio. Risk integration techniques enable Nymbus to build what we believe are more successful portfolio foundations.

  • Asymmetric risk-reward profile: Investment ideas must offer an asymmetric, positively skewed risk-reward profile. In other words, selected securities and, in Core-type portfolios, sector overweights must appear, through careful analysis, to offer greater potential payoff than potential loss.

  • Multi-directional analysis: Portfolios must be constructed with an aim to outperform under a range of future scenarios. In other words, Nymbus shuns risk-taking based on unidirectional forecasts regarding interest rates, default rates or other variables that drive return.

  • Avoid rates anticipation: No one can consistently predict changes in the level, direction or term structure of interest rates. Nymbus does not manage portfolios based on attempts to anticipate changes in rates.

  • Total return approach: Fixed Income securities are to be selected for the potential to build par value. Never chase incremental income at the expense of the potential to build par value.